Patient Advisor

As a person who lives with a chronic disease, I’m a frequent healthcare user. I know first-hand that wait times affect more than just a person’s health – they touch on all aspects of one’s life. I see my contributions to the Wait Time Alliance as an opportunity to put my chronic illness to good use.

Dawn Richards is a science and patient consultant. Since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis nearly a decade ago, she has become a vocal advocate for arthritis awareness, access to treatment, the inclusion of patients in decision-making and as research collaborators, and the importance of research. She is currently Vice President of the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance.

Dawn received her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Alberta, and has spent the past 15 years in various roles, as a bench scientist, project and operations manager, technology transfer and commercialization manager, and business development officer. Her scientific training, on the job experience in business-related roles, and her experience as a person who lives with a chronic disease puts her in a unique position to both inform and help the public, researchers, and clinicians translate discoveries and products in to meaningful outcomes from which the public will benefit.


Articles by Dawn

It’s time to put the patient in Queen’s Park (Healthy Debate, October 15, 2015)