Plastic Surgery

Wait Time Benchmarks for Plastic Surgery

Procedure Maximum Acceptable Wait Time
Acute Conditions
Necrotizing fasciitis < 3 hours
Suppurative tenosynovitis 6 hours
Felon 24 hours
Pyoarthrosis 12 hours
Facial Trauma
Zygoma fracture 7 days
Orbital floor fracture (no entrapment) 7 days
Mandibular fracture (compound) < 24 hours
Panfacial fracture 7 days
Frontal sinus fracture 2 days
Nasal fracture 7 days
Facial nerve laceration 2 days
Major burn < 6 hours
Minor burn > 7 days
Hand Trauma
Flexor tendon laceration 7 days
Extensor tendon laceration 7 days
Digital nerve laceration 7 days
Proximal phalanx fracture (compound) < 24 hours
Proximal phalanx fracture (not compound) 7 days
Mallet finger 7 days
Volar plate injury 7 days
Gamekeeper thumb 7 days
Digit 6 hours
Hand < 3 hours
Breast Related Conditions
Breast reconstruction (immediate) 4 weeks
Breast reconstruction (delayed) 6 months
Breast reduction 6  months
Gynecomastia 6  months
Breast asymmetry 6  months
Congenital breast anomaly 6  months
Congenital Anomalies
Cleft lip 4  months
Cleft palate 12  months
Velopharyngeal insufficiency 6  months
Craniofacial anomaly 12  months
Congenital hand deformity 4  months
Congenital pigmented nevus 6  months
Other Craniofacial Conditions
Vascular malformation (no obstruction) 4  months
Vascular malformation (obstruction) < 7 days
Facial palsy (with corneal exposure) < 7  days
Facial palsy (without corneal exposure) 4  months
Late post traumatic craniofacial anomaly (i.e. enophthalmos) 4  months
Cosmetic Procedures
Liposuction 4  months
Abdominoplasty 4  months
Breast augmentation 4  months
Breast implant capsular contracture 4  months
Facelift 4  months
Rhinoplasty 4  months
Nasal obstruction 6 months
Rhinophyma 6 months
Tattoo removal > 2 years
Eyelid Surgery
Ptosis (levator weakness) 4  months
Ectropion 2  months
Blepharoplasty (visual axis not impaired) 4  months
Blepharoplasty (visual axis impaired) 4  months
Elective Hand Procedures
Carpal tunnel with permanent numbness 2 months
Carpal tunnel with episodic numbness 4  months
Painful neuroma 2  months
Flexor tendon reconstruction 4  months
de Quervain’s tenosynovitis 2  months
Trigger finger 2  months
Rheumatoid/OA hand 4  months
Dupuytren’s (with joint contracture) 4  months
Dupuytren’s (without joint contracture) 6  months
Wrist ganglion 6  months
Stiff joint (MP, PIP) 4  months
Enchondroma 2  months
Ingrown finger nail 2-4  months
Malignant Neoplastic Conditions
Lesion suspicious for melanoma 2  weeks
Lesion suspicious for BCC 2  months
Lesion suspicious for SCC 4  weeks
Head and neck cancer 4  weeks
BCC positive margins 2  months
SCC positive margins 4  weeks
Head and neck cancer 4  weeks
Premalignant conditions (e.g. actinic keratosis, actinic cheilitis) 4  months
Benign Neoplastic Conditions
Nevus 6  months
Seborrheic keratosis 6  months
Cyst (inclusion) 6  months
Lipoma (interfering with function) 4  months
Lipoma (not interfering with function) 6  months
Moh’s defect < 7 days
Pyogenic granuloma 4  weeks
Diabetic foot ulcer 4  weeks
Venous stasis ulcer 2  months
Non-healing wound 4  weeks
Scar (visible area) 4  months
Scar (non-visible area) 6  months
Pressure sore 2  months
Other Conditions
Hidradenitis suppurativa 2-4  months
Axillary hyperhidrosis 6  months
Foreign body (chronic) 2  months
Gustillo IIIB compound tibial fracture < 7 days

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